Are CBD Oil Capsules More Effective Than Other CBD Forms?

With the medical world slowly recognizing the various health benefits of CBD oil, it is no wonder that even those who had never taken marijuana or marijuana-based products in their entire life can feel a bit curious and apprehensive. For one thing, it has always been believed that cannabis and its by-products can only cause feelings of intoxication and euphoria, which has led to it being deemed as a controlled substance.

Nevertheless, there are literally hundreds of literature that prove cannabis as one of the more useful herbs consumed in ancient days. Luckily, advancement in science and technology has made it possible to pinpoint the exact chemical that makes cannabis a potent cure for various ailments and extract it from the source to minimize its intoxicating effect. Nowadays, it is quite normal to see people ingesting CBD oil capsules and softgels to improve their overall health.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (or CBD, for short) is a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabinoids. This means that no matter how much CBD oil you take, it won’t get you high. CBD is usually extracted from the resin glands of cannabis flowers and buds, though most CBD oil capsules online are mostly extracted from industrial hemp to avoid legal complications.

What are the usual ways to consume CBD?

A quick search on the internet will most probably show you an image of CBD oil in a tincture bottle. However, this isn’t the only form in which CBD is available. Most simply prefer the tincture form since it generally contains pure CBD oil. The only downside with tinctures is that you have to experiment with the dosage to know what is right for you. CBD sprays and vapes are also available, although these often contain the lowest CBD concentration. CBD also comes in topical form, though there is no guarantee that this actually works.

If you are serious in improving the overall quality of your health, then CBD hemp oil capsules is your choice. The capsules from CBD oil can be taken as a daily supplement (just like vitamins). Also, unlike with tinctures, you don’t need to guess on the right dosage with CBD oil capsules.For example, the generic CBD oil dosage for back pain is around 2.5 to 20 mg daily whereas for anxiety, it is 40 to 160 mg a day. If you are taking CBD capsules for pain, then a single capsule daily is all you need, twice if you are taking CBD oil capsules for anxiety.

Why does ingesting pain capsules CBD more effective than any other form?

Just think about it: the fastest way for a drug to get into your body is through digestion. By metabolizing pure CBD, you are directly delivering its most active and potent compounds into your bloodstream. Unlike inhalation or topical application (this includes below-the-tongue drops), it might take a bit more time to fully feel is effects but it is guaranteed to have long-lasting effects. Plus CBD oil capsule is so easy to ingest – just take it with a glass of water and wait for at least an hour for it to take full effect.