Are CBD Hemp Oil Capsules Effective For Back Pain Management?

Today’s generation seem totally hell-bent on working and playing hard as seen in the ever-increasing number of people suffering back pains. In the US alone, over 31 million Americans complain of lower back pains at any given time. Yet, this affliction is not only limited to Americans. According to a 2010 study, low back pain is now considered as the single leading cause of disability worldwide, dethroning upper respiratory infections.

Finding relief for low back pain is not easy either. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) estimates that Americans spend at least $50 billion each year for pain management. Fortunately, recent medical research and studies have found an inexpensive yet effective way to solve this growing concern: ingesting CBD capsules for pain.

Why CBD hemp Oil Capsules?

Numerous scientific and medical studies have already proven the effectiveness of CBD oil for pain management. While the most common method of applying CBD is through tinctures via a drop under the tongue, experts have all agreed that ingesting CBD oil capsules is better since you are metabolizing its most active ingredient, thus delivering it directly to your bloodstream.

In addition, the recommended maximum CBD oil dosage for back pain is around 20 mg – the average dosage of most pain capsules CBD. This meant that you don’t have to commit plenty of trials-and-errors just to get the dosage right.

How capsules from CBD Oil help reduce and manage back pain

CBD has always been used for centuries to relieve body pain – ancient people just don’t know it. In the old days, marijuana is a herbal medicine that is usually drank or smoked by people suffering from various unnamed illnesses. Recent studies show that the chemical responsible for managing pain is CBD. By inhibiting the neural pathways related to pain, it becomes an effective and immediate relief for those suffering both acute and chronic back pains.

While it might make sense to get the topical form instead of CBD oil capsules and softgels, massaging CBD oil onto your skin won’t guarantee the same effects as ingesting it. After all, there is no proof that the topical form can be readily absorbed by your skin. Plus CBD oil capsule, though slow-acting, has a longer lasting effect than any other forms. A capsule a day is enough to keep the pains in your lower back at bay.

Where to get CBD capsules

Hemp-derived CBD capsules are mostly available in various health stores across states. You can also purchase CBD oil capsules online. Unlike marijuana and its by-products, CBD hemp oil can be legally purchase and use anywhere across 50 states. This is because the hemp oil contains a very small amount of THC (the mind-altering chemical found in cannabis), thus making it virtually impossible to get high the extracted CBD.

However, if for personal reasons, you prefer the cannabis-derived CBD capsules, just know that there are also a few states who have formally legalize its purchase and use provided that you can show a medical prescription for it.