CBD Oil Capsules And Softgels: Is There Any Difference?

Nowadays, CBD is everywhere. Whether you are trying to figure out the right CBD oil dosage for back pain, taking in CBD oil capsules for anxiety, or reading multiple studies on how CBD can improve your overall health, there’s no denying that it has successfully captured the world’s interest. Unlike any other supplement or drug, CBD is unique in the sense that there are a number of ways to introduce it to your bloodstream: inhalation, absorption, ingestion/digestion, and topical application.

Liquid vs. Solid: Which one is more effective?

So far, the most common CBD is in tincture form. The reason for its popularity is the wide belief that since it is in liquid form, the active chemical is more concentrated than any other form. Also, the rate of adsorption for liquid supplements is generally faster than its solid counterpart. While this might be true in some CBD oil brands, the tincture form is not necessarily more effective than CBD oil capsules and softgels.

Technically speaking, while the solid form might take longer to be adsorbed by the body (because it still needs to be digested and metabolized in the liver), its effects last longer. For example, in treating chronic back pain, you might be tempted to use a tincture or topical CBD directly on the affected area and massage it. Even though you will feel immediate pain relief, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be repeating the same process after a few hours. With CBD oil capsules, you just have to wait at least an hour to feel its effects but you won’t be needing to take in another capsule within the day as most contain the maximum dosage to alleviate the pain.

Even with other drugs, pharmacist and chemists will tell you that faster adsorption is not always better, especially if the drug is of higher potency. If you need a dosage of 10mg to 40mg, then using CBD hemp oil capsules is better than tinctures.  With back pains, patients are recommended to ingest approximately 20 mg of CBD everyday – the exact dosage most pain capsules CBD contain.

Softgel vs. Capsule: What’s the difference?

Capsules: CBD is certainly not first drug or supplement that use this form. It is actually one of the most recognizable form of solid medication (next to tablets) in the market. The active ingredient, usually mixed with excipients, is encased inside two interlocking gelatin or vegetable-based shell. The shell itself is edible and has negligible influence on the effectiveness of CBD. However, there are some who finds swallowing a bit challenging.

Capsules from CBD Oil: eliminates that concern as you can always take the capsule apart and mix its contents to your food and beverage. The only downside of the capsule form is that it has generally shorter shelf life compared to its softgel counterpart.

Softgels: Uses either an oil- or liquid-based shell, softgels are very easy to swallow. It can even be chewed by those who find swallowing any kind of pills difficult. Generally speaking, softgels have a higher shelf life but are completely sensitive to temperature, which can be a great concern for those ordering CBD oil capsules online.